Great inspiration tucked behind the stage

So many people keep everything inside …

We have to share your feeling, your worries, your tough, your dream, …

A conversation is a great thing for you…

Keep talking with your friend, your family, … every body..

And keep happy as you want …

Something may happen and made you sad, but you don’t choose it ..

But you can choose how your life will be ?

And how you will take it…

Some people may have everything but nothing …

As long have a parent and your life is great…

Happy be a human being …

Grateful for whatever you are, this is the best of our life ..


Watching Celline Dion activity from minute to minute elapsed before the concert ..

Celine Dion – Concert + Backstage (A New Day Show) Live at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in 2007.

Watching the video “Celine Dion – Live Las Vegas 2007 Full Concert HD” on Youtube:

Céline Dion – I’m Alive (Live in Las Vegas 2007)


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