[EPCI Contractor for Oil & Gas Industry] Inspection and Test Status

Quality control emphasizes testing and inspection of products to uncover defects, and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny the release.


Is a part of ISO9001:2008 Clause 7.5.3 requires that “Where appropriate, the organization shall identify the product by suitable means throughout product realization”.

  • To ensure all inspection steps are followed
  • It will reduce Cost of Poor Quality and decreases potential of incident
  • Employees are always able to learn/identify the status of product quickly and easily; No time has been lost due to confusion about inspection and test status

WHAT objectives of the Inspection and Test Status Procedure?

To identify the inspection and test status of the incoming/ in-process/ final products at site, to indicate on the incoming, in-process and final products whether the products are :

  • Not inspected/ not tested (waiting forinspection/test);
  • Inspected/tested and accepted (inspected/tested and found conforming);
  • Inspected/ tested and rejected (inspected/tested and found nonconforming);

against the inspection and test criteria defined in the Project Quality Plan/ Inspection and Test Plan, and to ensure that only the incoming/ in-process/ final products which meet the requirements are used.


  • Clear and precisely documented procedures are available to those who conduct the inspections.
  • All materials procured /equipments/ products / works allotted for the project shall be inspected and tested in accordance with the project specific Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs).
  • Appropriately documented procedures assure identification on inspection and test status from the beginning of production through to installation.
  • Records identifying the authorities responsible for product release of a nonconforming product are easily accessible.


  • Personnel are fully cognizant of how to inspect the product
  • A change in the status of product is always made by those with the authority to do so
  • It is always possible to know who has conducted inspection and testing of product or service

For an EPCI Project,

Inspection and Testing shall be carried out by inspectors who are experienced in the relevant disciplines.

If required, Engineers or Supervisors shall be assigned for inspection and testing activities.

The Project QA/QC Manager or his representative shall ensure that appropriate inspections and tests are conducted in accordance with the approved ITPs and that the COMPANY / Client is advised with adequate time to enable its representative to attend if necessary.


The inspection and test status of the product shall be identified by suitable means, which indicate the conformance or non-conformance of the product with regard to the inspection and tests performed.

The means for identifying inspection and test status shall include but not limited to stamps/marks, tags/labels, routing cards, Inspection and Test Plan, and Quality Plan. Where applicable, any one or all of the following shall be indicated :

  • Authorized signature,
  • Date of inspection,
  • Test result,
  • Special conditions, etc.

If found defect, the defective area of the production welds or field applied coating shall be marked once the results of the inspection are known. The products that have failed the inspection and/or test shall be identified, labelled, segregated and/or disposed in accordance with the Control of Non Conforming Product Procedure.

The inspection and test status records shall be maintained in accordance with the Control of Quality Records, Project Quality Plan (PQP) and/or other approved documented procedures, throughout the production, installation and services of the product.

It shall be ensured that only the product which has passed the required inspections and tests (or released under an authorized concession) is dispatched, used or installed.

Recommendation :

  • To put inspection status, upon completion of each work operation
  • Product which do not pass in-process inspection are always identified or isolated to prevent them from entering into subsequent phases of production
  • In-process inspection procedure are always followed

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