7 New Contracts and 27 Oil and Gas Blocks in Indonesia to be Auctioned

Seven ( 7 ) New Contracts

Government through SKK Migas has just received an investment commitment of U.S. $ 123.18 million after signing a cooperation contract in 7 working area.

Seven ( 7 ) new contracts signed SKK Migas are given as below:

  • Bengara II in onshore and offshore North Kalimantan by PT Baradinamika Citra Lestari,
  • Palmerah Baru block in South Sumatra and Jambi mainland by the Consortium Bukit Energy Palmerah Baru Pte Ltd and PT Surya Selaras Sejahtera,
  • Sakti block off the coast of Central Java and East Java by Consortium Krisenergy (Sakti) BV and PT Golden Heaven Jaya,
  • North East Madura IV  block off the coast of East Java by Golden Code Commercial Ltd ,
  • Anugerah block in offshore East Java by Husky Anugerah Limited,
  • East Bontang block in onshore and offshore East Kalimantan by PT Innovare Gas , and
  • Alas Dara Kemuning block in Blora, Central Java by Pertamina EP Cepu ADK (”PEPC ADK”) which is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina ( Persero ) .

Twenty-seven (27) Work Area to be auctioned?

In 2013, ten (10) oil and gas blocks were auctioned by Government but not in demand by oil and gas Companies, such as blocks:

  • North Madura II,
  • North Adang,
  • South Sulawesi I,
  • South Sulawesi II,
  • South East Sulawesi I,
  • South East Sulawesi II,
  • West Abadi,
  • Yamdena,
  • South Aru, dan
  • Bird’s Head.

These ten (10) oil and gas blocks then becomes the open working area and will be re-auctioned by the Government in 2014 with seventeen (17) other oil and gas blocks, with details:

  • Six (6) blocks of rock shallow gas (shale gas),
  • Twenty (20) of conventional oil and gas blocks, and
  • One (1) block CBM (coal bed methane / CBM).

In Bahasa Indonesia: 7 Kontrak Kerja Sama yang Baru dan 27 Blok Migas di Indonesia yang akan Dilelang

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