Introduction on Balinese Endek fabric (Kain Endek Bali)

kain endek Bali

Bali is known for cultural arts, and also known by the trade products and industrial textile.

One of textile products is the beauty of Bali “Endek” fabric with characteristic and innovations that continue to be developed by the craftsmen and endek Bali artists.

The Balinese hand woven tenun is known as “Kain Endek”.

Endek fabric is handmade fabric.

In earlier times in Bali island, weaving skill is one of the criteria that must be met girl Bali, in addition to skills – skills such as traditional dancing, mebanten (make ​​’bebantenan’ mainly assembled by coconut leaves for worship) and so on.

Endek is created using “ikat pakan” (crisscrosing) technique.

The beauty of Endek  is prospects and future challenges for the designers, artisans, entrepreneurs and communities to remain loving and preserve the fabric endek.


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