Top 5 sectors for tax revenue

Directorate General of Taxation is a general directorate under the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia (Dirjen Pajak or DJP) which has the task to formulate and implement policies and technical standardization in the field of taxation.

In accordance to Dirjen Pajak, that tax revenue up to December 6, 2013 was recorded at 81.87 % or Rp 814 trillion .

It’s predicted that will not reach the target of Rp 995.214 trillion at the end of 2013 .
In the same period in 2012 reached 85.35 % or Rp 835.225 trillion .

Tax Revenue Growth ( until December 6, 2013 ) :

  • Manufacturing : Rp 333.7 trillion (+ 5.45%)
  • Mining : Rp 47.8 trillion (- 17.9%)
  • Agriculture , forestry and fisheries : Rp 13.6 trillion (- 7.4%)
  • Real Estate : Rp 18.6 trillion (+33.1%)
  • Construction : Rp 35.4 trillion (+ 26.2%)

. : Total Tax Revenue: Rp 814 trillion .

Growth in the field of business is very influential to tax revenue.

Tax revenue from the mining sector decreased sharply.

In the period 2011-2012 , the mining and quarrying sector grew by 14.85 %,
and growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 was 0.5 % .
In the oil and gas sector recorded a figure of minus 1.15 % .
In the non- oil and gas mining recorded a negative growth of 1.32 % .
Only excavation sector still recorded growth of 12.93 % .

Nevertheless , the following sectors reached a significant increment :

  • Construction sector grew 26.29 %
  • Real Estate sector grew 33.13 %

However, the contribution of two sectors above to the total revenue is not big.

Tax Revenue on 31-Dec-2013 :

On December 30, 2013, based on tax data acquired Bisnis Indonesia, including Income tax receipts (PPh) from Oil & Gas and Pajak Ditanggung Pemerintah (DTP) reached Rp 893.3 trillion or 89.7% of the 2013 target.

Tax Revenue until 2-Jan-2014 :

On December 31, 2013, the DJP received tax revenue up to Rp 21.7 trillion, so that the total tax revenue as per 2 January 2014 morning reached Rp 915 trillion  equivalent to 91.95% of the APBNP target of Rp 995.2 trillion in 2013.

DJP continues to boost tax revenue :

Directorate General of Taxation or Direktorat Jendral Pajak (Dirjen Pajak/DJP) continues to boost tax revenue, such as by optimizing the potential tax revenue from the service sector and trade. To support these efforts, the Director General of Taxation Fuad Rahmany hope in 2014 there are:

  • the addition of tax officials because potential taxes will be explored with more optimal if the ratio of the amount of taxpayer with the amount of tax officials is not too far away or even balanced;
  • the improvement of tax management in Indonesia because potential tax will be absorbed by the more optimal;
  • infrastructure, i.e. the addition of tax offices in various regions and the development of information technology is still room for improvement.

An appreciation to the performance of tax officials and awareness  of taxpayers throughout the last 2013 years, have been able to encourage the growth of taxes even in the depressed economic conditions due to the global economic challenges.

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