Upcoming Session: Corrosion & Corrosion Control In Oil & Gas Industry

RHENINDO – Technical Training for Oil and Gas

Corrosion & Corrosion Control In Oil & Gas Industry
Upcoming Session: Bali, 3-7 March 2014
Instructor : Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin

(Integrity Management Consultant Hudson Technology and Strategic Studies)

What is the programme about?

The pursuit of assets corrosion management should be an objective of any organization. The course contents fully explain the corrosion process, forms of corrosion, corrosion control within the framework and the common understanding of Asset Corrosion Management. Successful corrosion management influences the economic outcome of the company by ensuring cost effective selection of materials, chemical treatments, coatings, cathodic protection systems and appropriate designs. The ultimate goal of this course is to equip participant with an integrated theoretical and practical knowledge of corrosion and corrosion control options

The summery of the course objectives is:

  • Enable solid understanding of the corrosion process both internally and externally
  • Address forms of corrosion and failure mechanisms.
  • Explains the six corrosion control techniques
  • Elaborate  on  inspection,  monitoring,  prediction  and  testing  protocols  to  ensure  full understanding of the corrosion damage mechanism and mitigation measures.
  • Develop  and  improve  the  participant’s  skills  to  develop  their  own  corrosion  control schemes and implementation plans.
  • Introduce innovative control techniques with particular focus to problematic areas.
  • Provide  an  insight  to  Downhole  flow  assurance  problems  and  control  techniques (Chemical, Mechanical, Process & Design)
  • Discuss major operator’s advancement in corrosion management realities.
  • Gives an expert views to Non-metallic materials application in the Oil and Gas industries.

Who Should Attend ?

The target audiences are those crafts, who during the course of doing their core business activities will be engaged in corrosion and chemical treatments related activities and non-metallic materials applications in pipelines, topside facilities and Downhole equipment.

  • Corrosion, Production chemists, Metallurgists and Integrity engineers.
  • Plant Maintenance, Process and Pipelines engineers.
  • All Production, operation personnel who are engaged in the daily routine plant operation and  have  a  defined  business  relation  with  the  implementation  of  the  Corrosion  and Corrosion mitigation measures.
  • Drilling, Petroleum technologist and Well Integrity engineers.
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemicals services providers, specialty chemicals suppliers and their technical representatives,
  • CAMS and junior engineers whose development plan is targeting any of the above posts.

Instructor Profile:

Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin, Asset Integrity Management executive with 32 years experienced in production / operation, Asset Integrity & Quality Management focused activities for international upstream and downstream Oil & Gas operations including BP, AMOCO, ADMAOPCO, GEISUM, En PPI & Other. Managing Director at Hudson Integrity Management Solutions, HIMS, operated from Ottawa‐Canada. Strong influential and interpersonal skills demonstrating the ability to deal effectively with a variety of personalities and pressing situations to drive operational excellence and influence complex organizations transformation processes and assure continual improvement. Proven ability to lead, engage, influence and motivate large work squad by visualized the future while understanding of the people dynamics and expectation.

He successfully assists many business leaders and executives inspired for „Managing for a Sustainable Success and Organizational Excellency „ to craft their organizations Vision, Mission & Objectives and assist their transformation into effective and efficient quality conscious organization, lecturing many professional training courses in Quality Management System, Performance excellence and Asset Integrity Management.

So far, delivers training courses to over 400 professional representing more than 50 leading energy operators in 22 countries in North America, Europe, Far East, Middle East and Africa presented over 50 technical paper in InternationalConferences and Professionals forums in topics related to physical assets Integrity & Quality management, operation excellence and Development, Roll‐out & Implementation of organization transformation processes. He is a certified quality management assessor according by:

  • European Federation of Quality Management EFQM
  • OHSAS 1800

How to Register to the Course?

If you wish to register, please email us at: info@rhenindo.com.
For further inquiries please contact: PT Rhenium Indonesia (RHENINDO)
Kota Wisata – Ruko Canadian Broadway CBC-27 – Bogor 16968
Phone : +62 21 8493 6621 or +62 218493 0421
Mobile : +62 818 737 800 (Farida) or +62 813 1020 2271 (Ipung)
Fax : +62 21 8493 5274
Email: info@rhenindo.comWebsite : www.rhenindo.com

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Have received a permission to post this information from Ipung Purwanti / PT Rhenium Indonesia (RHENINDO).
Thank you.


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