Education – bridge prosperity

Here I would like to share one video from the famous TV Program in Indonesia “Kick Andy”.

In this video, it’s shown about a little girl..

Her mother, worked as a tailor convection, for one successful sewn pants will be paid Rp 1000, – Her father, worked as a construction worker .. She is staying in the hamlet (village) , everyday she helps her mom to sew .. Economic conditions do not preclude her achievement, she was a student who the highest score of the National Exam in the Tulungagung district , at East Java province.. Her dream is becoming a lecturer and want to make their parents happy thru better prosperity .. Amien. Proud and salute!

Education is one of  bridge to prosperity

Wish the children become child-noble and bright future.

Video “Kick Andy:Pentingnya Pendidikan” (Courtesy of MetroTV)

Uploaded in YouTube by rizky cyangayah on 1 Jul 2013

ibunya, bekerja sbg penjahit konveksi, untuk 1 celana yang berhasil dijahit akan dapat upah Rp 1000,-
ayahnya, bekerja sbg buruh bangunan ..
tinggal di dusun, dia se-hari2 membantu ibu menjahit ..
kondisi ekonomi tak surutkan prestasi ,
siswi itu meraih UN tertinggi di kabupatennya ..
mimpinya, mau membahagiakan orang tuanya ..
smoga anak2 kita dijadikanNya anak berbudi-luhur dan gemilang.


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