Life is a blessing

There is my superior who have been such as our parents and Guru at my office,

told a great news to me,

about a famous and great artist in India who passed away yesterday …

in the past, artist had bypass surgery in the U.S. and based on medical science records at that time, life expectancy 18 years postoperatively.

but, over 40 years late life over God’s Grace.

as never before attempted, the doctor team cared to investigate their patients how he can longer life? ..

found: disciplined diet, pobud merrily through life ( always happy in daily life ) , ..

Live is really God’s secrets , wish artist get peace late side, wish a blessing given to our time .


Bahasa Indonesia :

ada atasanku yg sudah spt ortu kami , cerita pdku, tentang seorang artis ternama di India yang telah berpulang kemarin… alm. dulu sempat dioperasi bypass di US dan berdasrkan catatan saat itu, perkiraan hidup 18 th pasca operasi. tp lebih 40 th alm hidup atas Rahmat Tuhan. team dokter berusaha menyelidiki bgmn pasien mereka umur panjang ?.. ditemukan : disiplin pola makan, slalu riang jalani hidup, .. sungguh hidup rahasiaNya, smoga alm peroleh damai disisiNya, smoga kita diberi umur yg berkah.



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