Case study – Improving the Quality of Welding


Case Study Title : Improving the Quality of Welding
Welding Type : SMAW
Scope of welding : Piping & Structural Welding
Industry Category : Oil & Gas


Project Description :

This improvement was implemented during the execution of The Offshore Platform Modification Project.  In order to increase the gas production, two (2) new wells will be drilled. Field is located in the Mahakam delta, East Kalimantan – Indonesia. Some
modifications at the Platform during this project work.
CONTRACTOR Scope of WORK covers engineering (construction engineering, installation engineering and as-built), provision of management services, procurement of bulk materials, fabrication, transportation, and installation, pre-commissioning and assistance for commissioning.

COMPANY  (Client) : Total E&P Indonesie

Improvement methods :
– PDCA Cycle
– Pareto Chart
Improvement Period : June 17 , 2013 ~ Oct. 17 , 2013

Onshore Yard Location : Kutai Kertanegara – East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Results :

  • Reduce the number of defects by 90%.
  • WRR % – May 2013 (BEFORE) : 2.59% | WRR % – Aug. 2013 (AFTER) : 1.83 %
  • Quality Appreciation Award : The 3rd Winner Contractor Performance on WRR 2013.

History / Background

At the time I was assigned to work in an onshore fabrication yard in East Kalimantan, I am interested in welding report and find out how project team effort to improve quality.

I contacted Welding Engineer in charge and check the welding statistics  in May 2013 and asks what the project team is being do to control and improve the quality of welding. I check the minutes of meetings, but unfortunately I did not find quantitative targets, specific analysis and ultimately adequate action plan.

At that time, the project team is busy preparing for mobilization to offshore champaign. Where welding job in the offshore has a higher difficulty level than onshore fabrication yard.

For that, I am challenged and happy to support for the success of offshore champaign. I proposed a corrective and improvement actions using the PDCA Cycle approach and statistical techniques. In addition to improve the quality, I also collect technical guide relates to welding safety.


Significant amount of welding defects and WRR% – May 2013 : 2.59% is quite high, although WRR% is still below the limit of 3%.



“The steps”


  1. Creating Pareto Chart and analyze welding data 1 month before
  2. Conduct literature study and discuss with Welding Engineer/QC Welding Inspectors on welding process.
  3. Interviewing the Project Team such as Fitter, Welder, QC Welding Inspector, Welding Engineer and Project QC Coordinator.
  4. To prepare a presentation
  5. To conduct a meeting in order to set targets for improvement, socialization of action plan and safety awareness



  1. Welding jobs at offshore
  2. Quality Monitoring by QC
  3. NDE Activities


  1. Welding quality inspection and control by QC Welding Inspector
  2. Welding Repair Rate (WRR) Report
  3. NDE Report (Radiograhic Report)


  1. Recommendations for improving the quality of welding
  2. Quality awareness and good workmanship

Presentation Outline to be given on Pre-mobilization Briefing Meeting

  • Opening
  • Awareness by Client’s QC Welding Inspector
  • Welding Control & Quality
  • Scope of work / Site Survey Photos
  • Welding Team
  • List of Equipments/ Welding Inspection Tools
  • Welding Consumables
  • Document & Report
  • Main Topic – “SOLUTION – To maintain Welding Repair Rate (WRR) below 3%”
  • General Precautions
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Arc Welding Hazard & SAFETY Instructions

Picture15 award


Conclusion (Results) :

  • A reduction in the number of welding defects by 90%.
  • Through these activities, the project team with high enthusiasm and good cooperation has been successfully to improve WRR% – May 2013: 2.59% to WRR% – Aug. 2013: 1.83%.
  • Quality Appreciation Award received in World Quality Day Celebration on Nov 18, 2013 at Balikpapan: The 3rd Winner Contractor Performance on Welding Repair Rate 2013.

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