12 Tips To Get Your Dream Job


Published by Grand Cardone in YouTube on Jul 9, 2012

The job market is so tough today. You are being told no one is hiring but that is just not true. Yes it is more difficult but if you are committed to getting a good job and are creative and use proven strategies not only can you get the job you want but you can get it quickly.

I have been working with entrepreneurs, businesses and fortune 500 companies for 25 years. I know what they want to hear, I know how to approach them, get in front of them and SELL them. Use these employment strategies and I guarantee you that you will get the job you want, the pay you want and get it within 36 hours. Unemployment should not be an option for you. Don’t believe that you are entitled to it because you have worked so hard for so many years. Taking employment for any longer than a couple of weeks will hurt you and your family in the future. Get a job.

Target companies you want to work for not entire industries, avoid the HR departments and social media instead get in front of decision makers. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn to target who you want to work for, who is hiring, and who you need to see but leave getting the jobs to these KILLER proven tips on how to get a job. You can use the job search assistance, monster.com, career builder, craigslist, newspaper, the ladders, a staffing agency but at the end of the day getting the dream job will result in what you do to get in front of the right person and then sell that person that you are the right person.

Do NOT rely on resumes they ruin interviews. When you are being interviewed make sure you are selling and saying those things that executives most admire and also avoid saying those things executives hate to hear in a job interview.

Do what I say here and you will get a job I guarantee you get a 100,000 job or

Grant Cardone shares 12 tips to getting a job.

1.Don’t accept unemployement
2.Treat finding a job like your new job
3.Take any job you can get
4.Ignore people that say no one is hiring
5.Do not rely on a resume
6.Don’t depend on headhunters
7.Don’t rely on Human Resources
8.Don’t rely on social media
9.Talk about the future, not the past
10.Sell yourself in the interview
11.Bring revenue into the interview
12.Don’t talk negative about your last boss
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Video courtesy of Grant Cardone

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