Developing QMS-ISO 9001:2008 from Paper-Based System to EBMS

Every organization in the world rely on control documents. For organizations that have implemented ISO 9001:2008 elements and certified, can implement control of quality management system (QMS) documentation from paper-based to electronic-based management system (EBMS). What is EBMS? How develop EBMS through the organization continuous improvement program for the efficiency and effectiveness of QMS? For organizations that have not implemented the ISO 9001, what needs to be done and how to implement ISO 9001 including document control system? What needs to be done for a small business?

Paper to ebms_sz

Big and medium business organization execute larger projects and it is essential to follow the Quality Management System (QMS) by effectively and efficiently.

For a small business what to do?

Small business is the world’s biggest business. More than 95 % of the world’s businesses are small to medium sized and many countries look to small and medium businesses to power economic growth and employment.

For Organizations that have not implemented the ISO 9001, what to do?

For Organizations that have implemented & certified for the ISO 9001, what to do?

Businness is send, receive and process several upto million documents in every day from client, vendors, etc. Document management system is to keep business running.

But ineffective document management system can be risks leading to loss of revenue, poor decision making, rising operational costs.

• So “How effective are your processes?”
• You can choose for outsourcing document management with paper-based system or electronic-based system.
• OR You can develop your EBMS for doing more effective doc mgmt system.

Herewith on this post, I would like to share my experiences on how to apply ISO 9001:2008 and continual improvement from the paper-based to EBMS.

(Will be coming soon ….)


To be competitive globally, organizations should be able to produce high quality products quickly and at the lowest possible cost. The electronic-based quality management system is offered to allow organization to eliminate paper-based quality processes and drastically increase organization efficiency while improving their ability to maintain compliance with statutory/codes/standards/Customer requirements.

Replacing paper-based Quality Management Systems with electronic-based Quality Management System is dramatically improves an organization’s ability to comply with Statutory, ISO 9001 International Standard and Customer (COMPANY) Requirements. Space-less, more clean & paper-less (environmental friendly) are other advantages from implementing EBMS.


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