Managing Interfaces During EPCI Project Execution


On EPCI Project, it’s required to manage all interfaces with the work to be, or, being performed by Suppliers (Vendors & Subcontractors), other COMPANY’s Contractors, as well as all other interface matters involving, without limitation, the Certifying Authorities and Marine Warranty Surveyor appointed by COMPANY as appropriate.

I would like to share about Interface Management (IM) as below:

Project interfaces during the detailed design Engineering phase?

The main objective of the detailed design is to develop and freeze system design from Conceptual / Basic design to AFC level. The other objective is to incorporate VENDOR information and complete the area design to a level where the interfaces between the system and various areas are addressed and frozen.

  • Technical interface co-ordination meetings shall take place as soon as practical after CONTRACT award with the parties involved at the interfaces. Interface meetings shall be held as needed at regular intervals to be agreed between the parties during the course of the WORK. The Minutes of the Interface meetings shall be prepared and issued.
  • shall develop an interface plan with detailed identification of interfaces and initiate and implement appropriate APPROVED procedures relating thereto as outlined in the document Project Quality Plan (PQP) and Project Interface Procedure.
  • shall prepare the design, planning, scheduling or other work required for progressing the resolution of such interface matters. This includes preparation of the list of information needed by CONTRACTOR and the dates at which this information is requested from other parties (see Interface Agreement).
  • to exchange information with other parties for carrying out his own WORK, as well as physical interfaces at the limits of supply between
  • co-ordination and interface within our own organization and between ourself and our SUBCONTRACTORS and VENDORS.
  • shall ensure that all parties involved in the WORK are properly coordinated, and those interfaces are dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner
  • The interfaces identification, follow-up, and resolution is an integral part of the Scope of WORK
  • shall issue drawings and documents as requested by the other parties (see Interface Agreement)
  • shall review of all engineering works associated with interfaces to ensure that the final design and all aspects of the WORK are consistent with engineering WORK
  • to expedite receipt of the required information at the source, at his own cost, in order not to delay the work.
  • All communications (verbal, paper copy or electronic) required between CONTRACTOR and any other Third Party involved in the WORK and related to the CONTRACTOR’s performance of the WORK, shall be considered as interface communications

Project interfaces during the Procurement phase?

Interface between COMPANY, Engineering, Procurement and Suppliers/Vendors shall be completed in accordance with the Interface Procedure.

Management of VENDOR information and the interfaces shall defined clearly in Project Procurement Plan.

How key interfaces are identified and established between you and your subcontractors?

  • By establish communication list of key personnel as enclosed in PO
  • Thru Kick Off Meeting
  • Thru Pre-inspection meeting

Project interfaces during the Construction phase?

Construction/Fabrication Manager shall be the interface between Fabrication and Fabrication-Subcontractors and shall also be responsible for the communication to the Company Site Representative related to Construction activities carried out at Fabrication Yard.

Contractor shall prepare a schedule of the load-out and sea-fastening Works, for COMPANY review and acceptance, which clearly demonstrates co-ordinated interface activities with the Marine Warranty Surveyor.

The Project Engineer (Coordination) is responsible for managing the interface between Engineering and Construction Management at fabrication yard. He will reports directly to Project Manager.

Project interfaces during the Offshore Transportation, Pipeline & Installation phase?

Where interfaces exist with COMPANY equipment, vessels or installation, Contractor Project Manager / Project Installation Manager shall identify these at the commencement of the project and shall ensure that procedures are fully reviewed by the COMPANY and/or the Marine Warranty Surveyor and that they address the needs of any interfaces that exist.


Logistics also play a very important role in interface management.

The critical during IM is how to maintain the key dates and schedule?

And another problem is during IM there will be some opinion about the scope of work and need to be regulary monitor thru Interface Meeting.


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