Coating Inspection


An overview of Coating/Painting application, test and QC inspection.

Painting Qualification Test (PQT)

Before work commences, all the selected coating/painting systems shall be applied on test plates representative of the structure to be painted. The products used shall be sampled from the same batches than these intended for the works.

The system shall be applied in the presence of the Supplier of the paint and the Company representative, in climatic conditions that are as similar as possible to worst case conditions that can be foreseen during the work on the construction site. Application shall be performed by the painting specialist who will be responsible for application during the work, using the same equipment that will be used during the work.
When the painting systems are fully cured, visual inspection and adhesion testing shall be carried out to confirm that the performance of the painting systems meet those specified for each system

Inspection test plan (ITP)

An inspection test plan including all the check points shall be prepared and submitted to Company / Client.

The Inspection Test Plan shall clearly indicate frequency of testing for each check.

Throughout the duration of the work, Contractor’s Quality Control department shall check the following points and record the results in its daily quality control report.

  • Construction quality
  • Surface preparation quality
  • Contamination
  • Climatic conditions for application all measured before the work commences and twice per shift and when the ambient conditions are obviously changing)
  • State of curing
  • Wet film thickness for each coat immediately after application.
  • Number of coats, DFT of each coat and of the final system
  • Appearance and colour.
  • Adherence
  • Visual inspection

Video: An overview of Pipe Induction Heat (PIH) applying the coating to the finished weld.


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